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Davestone's Tile and Marble LLC
Ceramic and Stone Tile Installation, Restoration, Inspections, Consulting

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Tile and Stone Installation

All types of tile, including porcelain, mosaics, Saltillo and other pavers. Stone tile walls and floors, including showers and other bath areas, kitchens, dens, you name it. Patios, sidewalks and other outdoor areas. All stone is "mud" set.

As I mentioned, I am factory trained in the SchluterŽKerdi installation method of completely waterproof and mold-free showers, to include steam showers. Schluter is recognized as an industry leader in problem-free shower and sauna construction.


Tile and Stone Restoration and Cleaning

I clean and seal existing stone and tile installations using the best methods that exist. For example, there is no better way of cleaning than mechanical scrubbing and pressure extraction. I offer marble polishing and honing.


Inspections and Consulting

It is unfortunate that there are occasions when things go wrong, when installations fail for any of a number of reasons. People who find themselves in this situation often need an expert to determine what went wrong and what the correction will entail. I am also available as an expert witness if matters go beyond normal non-legal reconciliation.

Additionally, I offer my services to folks who are building new residences or commercial buildings. I might, for example, be able to steer you away from installation techniques and materials that could promote costly repairs and general misery down the road.

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